Sam Fullerton Jr., President (Summit Roofing Contractors Inc.) (Washington DC) | September 2014

Michelle, You were right about the world class PHs.  Mr. Moore, you have assembled a fantastic team. We had the trip of a lifetime. Please extend our thanks to everyone.  I thought you might enjoy the attached photos”.  All the best.

Sam Fullerton and Mark Brown (USA) | September 2014

My Good hunting buddy & I just returned from a 2-week hunt with Kambako Safaris in Northern Mozambique. We hunted Block B abutting the 10 million acre Niassa Reserve. We had originally booked a Cape Buffalo and plains game hunt. Just before our departure Kambako called us and said they had 2 leopards still available on quota. Kambako offered us an additional PH and his 2-man crew at no charge designated to do nothing but the baiting & checking of baits while we were hunting buff & plains game. They reported their progress and findings to us each evening back at camp so we could make plans to build & sit in blinds when it was the right time. They also offered us the leopard upgrade at a price that was just too good to pass up. We knew it was a risk but after talking with a couple fellow AR members who had hunted with Kambako before we decided it was a risk worth taking. We figured we had a reasonable chance of one of us harvesting a leopard. It was a long shot that we might both pull it off.   To say the hunt was a spectacular success would be quite the understatement. Kambako was 1st class in every way. The PHs we hunted with were absolutely the best hunters & guides I have had the pleasure of hunting with anywhere.   The country was wild, free, harsh, and spectacular. The hunting was challenging and not easy by any means, which we liked. The PHs & the trackers worked their asses off trying to put us on game from sun up to sundown every day. It was real hunting in real Africa.   We both took spectacular leopards at last light on the last day of our hunt. We both threw up blinds with our PHs on the last afternoon on fresh intel from the baiting PH who had seen big tracks at baits in 2 different areas. The 2 baits that had been hit were about 25-40 miles apart. Mark took the one closest to where he was hunting and I took the one closest to where I was with my PH. It was a last ditch try after coming up dry for 2 weeks. We both shot at last light. It was kind of like scoring a touchdown for the win with no time left on the clock from 80 yards away. It touched off quite a celebration in camp and was the hunting thrill of a lifetime for 2 old hunting buddies.

Tommy & Julie Salmon (USA) | August 2014

My wife and I just returned from a two-week hunt with Kambako Safaris and had a great trip.  Lion was my primary animal, so this hunt was a lot of hanging baits and checking baits.  Our PH was Johnnie Johnson and I would hunt with him again anytime.  He is in my opinion a true African PH with 50 plus years in the business.  He has seen about everything there is to see and has been in just about every situation possible. One day we drove up to within a 100 yards of a bait and started walking in to check the bait.  As soon as we could see it, Johnnie saw that lions had hit it.  He immediately stopped and we backed out to the truck. The grass was very tall and he didn’t feel comfortable proceeding on foot to the bait.  After returning to the truck we went to check the bait in the truck and there was a 3-year-old male lion that would not leave this bait and was very aggressive towards us in the truck.   Johnnie always put safety first and I trusted that he would never put my wife or I in harm’s way.  I was disappointed about not getting a lion but we saw a lot of lions and at one point we had lions feeding on all nine baits we had up.  I commend Mozambique and Kambako on not taking a lion under the age of 6 that is conservation at its best.  We saw a lot of young lions and saw tracks of some very big lions but just couldn’t get them on bait.  Of course, that is just part of hunting.  I was able to take a total of 12 animals during the hunt and some very unique animals.  I wasn’t able to get a couple of the animals I wanted but cat hunting takes a considerable amount of time.  I have no doubt I would have gotten them but we just ran out of time.  There is no shortage of game at Kambako.  We have been on 5 safaris and this was the nicest camp we have ever stayed in.  This is a very remote place and it far exceeded our expectations.  Our camp manager, Bill, and his staff did a wonderful job of making us feel at home. They went above and beyond to help in any situation that came up from lunches to meals to rooms, etc.  Jumbo Moore has a great place and I expect it to only get better with what they are trying to do there.  We saw game every day, all day long.  It’s a big concession and we never bumped into other hunters.  Be prepared to hunt hard and do a lot of tracking but that’s why we go to Africa.  This is a true African hunt in every way with a great camp to go with it.  We will go back for sure!!! “  Thank you.


If I appear biased, it is because I am. What you have been putting together these last five years is just super good. Keep up the good work! Hunting with Stuart Taylor I saw lots of mature (past breeding age) animals of every kind- both dangerous (elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard) and others (many antelope of all sizes from the duiker to eland). I booked a buffalo/sable hunt and am thrilled with the old scarred character animals we took. Plus, we ran across so many large single lion tracks that I added a lion hunt. We took a big ten year old male with twenty minutes of light left in the last day of the hunt. The trip had been an unqualified success even without the lion. This place is magnificent! Look at the pictures- I'm the one with the GREAT BIG GRIN!

I had the time of my life and am looking forward to getting back to Kambako with more family members. Your time will pass too quickly- book a longer trip because you will hate to leave Jumbo and his staff.

Accommodations are great, be sure to pack a swimsuit even in the dead of the equatorial "winter". Adam Christo, another repeat client, has supervised the building of a swimming pool that overlooks the Lugenda (pronounced lu-gen-da) River where we watched wildlife (elephant / waterbuck / kudu) crossing at all hours of the day. If you are looking for adventure with a great group- look no further, you have found your African home! Jumbo, Johnny and Stuart- I'll see you soon.

Tom Zimmerman

Kambako Safaris donated a buffalo sable hunt at the 2008 Safari Club Convention. At the urging of friends I bid on this hunt and was the successful bidder. Kambako translated means:” one who plows the earth” referring to overly large elephants who tusks leave marks on the earth. Kambako turned out to be a truly wild Africa adventure with excellent huntable populations of game both plains and dangerous. After speaking with Jumbo Moore, I found myself upgrading to Leopard and numerous other species.
Being from Alaska I am used to a wilderness experience. I wanted to live and experience a similar experience in Africa. Kambako Safaris fit the bill. They have a 1200 square mile concession in which there are no villages or other occupancy. The nearest village is some 80 kilometers away plus there are no cattle being raised in this part of Mozambique.

My experience certainly exceeded my expectations. I met Stu Taylor my PH from Zimbabwe along with Johnnie Johnson also of Zimbabwe who conducted my friends Mike Samson and my safari. The accommodations were very comfortable and the staff exceptionally attentive. The skinning shed was run by Walter who had decades of experience under the watchful eyes of the PH’s. My PH I am happy to report was telling base camp repeatedly over the radio system that we were headed to the skinning shed to put another trophy “in the salt.” NO effort was spared to get the trophy processed quickly. For the most part the animals were tracked and taken as events unfolded.

The Niassa reserve has plentiful Leopards and numerous Lions. I was fortunate to take a very large male leopard after some 10 days of hunting as a result of selecting the size by its spoor. Numerous other baits had leopards making the rounds. One of numerous highlights of the safari occurred when we tracked a very old Dagga boy that I took after the old boy decide to advance rather than run even though mortally wounded at the first shot. A surviving veteran of numerous lion attacks as he showed the scars of the events along with fresh wounds from Lion encounters. Even, being mortally wounded he covered the yardage quickly. It was truly an exciting experience.
If an old African experience is in your dreams for dangerous game then Kambako Safaris is where those dreams can come true.

Crawford Williams

Kambako Safaris provide the very best in hunting and in enjoying the "African" experience that anyone will ever find. His camps and staff are superb, and his hunting areas abound with game. I have hunted with Jumbo for 11 years in a row and sometimes twice a year and intend to continue doing so in the future. Jumbo does not believe that "bigger is better"; simply put, he personalizes your hunt.

A true testimonial to this man is the number of repeat hunters he has return to hunt with him year after year. Repeat hunters consistently constitute 70% of his hunts each year.

Jeff McCollum

Jumbo runs a professional first class operation in all aspects of your safari. From arrival to departure his attention to detail is unmatched as is the quality of his concessions and service of his staff.